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Duncan Moody - Photo Bio

Duncan MoodyDuncan Moody ia a freelance photographer covering sports, products, people and events. His personal interests are landscapes, wildlife, fine art and a special interest in telling stories with a set of pictures, both in print and as slide shows or videos set to music.

He enjoyed drawing and painting from an early age. Without any real training he became frustrated with the work he produced, never able to put on paper or canvas what he visualized. He started taking snapshots of family and friends in high school, but this didn't help to satisfy his creative urges. In his first year out of college while working in Johannesburg, South Africa, a newspaper ad lead him to a demonstration on black & white darkroom work. He was immedeately hooked on the magic world of darkroom!

Soon afterwards he joined the Camera Club of Johannesburg(CCJ). Under the wonderful mentoring of the experienced members, his interest and skills in b&w photography blossomed. He later relocated to East London, South Africa and joined the East London Photographic Society (ELPS) where he branched into color work. After moving to North Carolina he joined the Piedmont Photography Club. He has exhibited, been published numerous times, won photographic competitions and juried shows and completed many freelance assignments.

He supplemented his photography and design knowledge by reading books, magazines and articles, attending lectures and workshops, art classes, and events like PSSA Conventions and the Great American Photography Workshops. In turn, he has written numerous papers, articles and columns on photography and delivered lectures and workshops. He is a member of International Freelance Photographers Organization and AI News Service. He was awarded the Associate and later the Fellowship of the Photographic Society of Southern African, and Honorary Life Membership of ELPS.

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