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Wind Storm Damage, Kernersville, North Carolina

Wind storm Kernersville, bedroom damage At about 6am on the morning of April 22nd 2006, a severe wind storm tore through the woods behind our house in the Kynwood development near Kernersville, North Carolina. The top of one large oak tree was twisted off and clipped the corner of the house blocking the kitchen exit. Two other huge oaks fell, crushing the back half of the house along with the deck .

Wind storm Kernersville, back of house sliced offWithin hours of the storm, the clean-up crew from McCoy's Tree Service was on site. They were amazing! Before the day was over the trees had been lifted off the house in sections with the help of a crane, and a bright blue tarp covered the roof. This was followed by Autry Construction who a few days later had a temporary wall was in place to secure against further damage.

Wind storm Kernersville, front of house with spring foliage In the days and weeks that followed, the help we got from friends and neighbours was quite overwhelming. They helped with cleanup, furniture moving, packing and storage, meals, accomodation, mowing the lawn and the endless list of jobs that go with such an unexpected event.

Wind storm Kernersville, rebuilding house and deckAs time went by and we relived the experience, re-told the story, and checked the photographs, we could only marvel at how lucky we were. A few inches here, a different angle there, another time of day, some other weekend and the outcome could have been so much worse. The truss, the ceiling fan, and all the other rubble that fell on the bed in the main bedroom covered Linda with ceiling boards and several inches on blown-in insulation but only resulted in one bruise. Daniel's room was undamaged. Two exits out of the house were completely blocked by fallen trees, but Daniel was able to get out of the house by "bouncing" down the main stairs in his wheelchair. The cats and dogs were traumatized but unhurt. We lost some furniture and a few photos, but nothing that was irreplaceable.

Wind storm Kernersville, bedroom completeThe stark contrast between the front and the back of the house was really interesting. The front looked like any peaceful spring garden with the azaleas in full bloom, and no signs of damage except a sliver of blue tarp peeping over the apex of the roof. At the same time the back looked like a demolition site with splintered wood, shattered glass, crushed furniture, and a gaping hole where an entire wall had disappeared.

Autry Construction and their various sub-contractors did a fantastic job over the next few months and we watched with interest as the house was initially stripped down then slowly put back together.

Wind storm Kernersville, house and deck completeFive months later, when it was time to move back, we invited friends for a cookout on the new deck. The weather was perfect, and we spent a relaxed afternoon in our new surroundings. We can't thank you enough!!!

<>Photographs of the damage, tree removal, cleanup, and rebuilding were taken by John McCashin, Mary Elizabeth McCashin, Linda Moody and Duncan Moody.

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