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Photo Restoration Wedding

A 100 year old glass plate negative was severely damaged by mould. The emulsion was carefully cleaned using special photographic chemicals to remove any foreign matter clinging to the surface. Then the negative was scanned on a flatbed scanner. This was followed by using photo editing software to fix the digital negative and create a positive. See the video. The final step was to print the image on archival paper.

Photo Restoration Family

This was an interesting request from a family member. They had pictures of four generations of sportsmen that they wanted in one panel. The challenge was twofold: fix one of the badly damaged photographs, and as far as possible create the four images so they fitted together with the same dimensions, similar backgrounds and similar size of portrait.

Photo Restoration Book

I have a 20 year old coffee table book with my own photograph reproduced on the dusk jacket. The book has been looked at many times and travelled half way around the world. The edges of the dust jacket have frayed, the colors faded and it has a few tears. The cover was photograped and digitally restored.

Photo Restoration Man and Cow

Another 100 year old glass plate negative. The man is probably a relative, and the mountain in the distance suggests the photograph was taken not far from the farmhouse where I grew up. And yes, I did climb to the top of that mountain.

If you have a precious old photograph that needs to be restored, please contact us

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