Remembering a fellow photographer

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Early one Saturday morning I took a visiting photographer to a local place of interest. We chose the mythical Cove Rock area, a few miles west of East London on South Africa's east coast. We never did reach the rock, choosing instead to explore the nearby beach. Before long the sun rose into a clear sky and soon the harsh light made photography very difficult. We came across a small meandering stream in the soft sand created by the receding tide. We both saw photographic opportunities, but oh so differently. I put on my widest angle lens and knelt down to get the lowest angle, shooting almost directly towards the sun to show off the contrasting ripples on my black & white film. After a while I looked up and witnessed a curious sight. My friend had placed his aluminum camera case on its end and was standing on it. With a medium telephoto mounted on his camera he was looking straight down trying to capture the texture in the sand on his color reversal film. He was giving his large 6 foot plus frame an extra 2 feet of elevation to cover a little more area. Sadly, some time after this incident he lost his life under tragic circumstances. This picture is a poignant reminder to me that people with different backgrounds, different ideas, different approaches, different views on life, can often find very strong common ground.

The accompanying picture of the girl on a horse was taken early one morning a few years later, on the same stretch of beach.

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