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My local library hosted a craft/careers evening, and the East London Photographic Society was invited to participate. We decided to host a workshop and set up a portable studio to demonstrate some of the basics of lighting, and hopefully attract new members. Initially we didn´t realize that a salon had set up a stand close-by and was doing makeovers. Before long, newly made-over kids were asking us to take their picture. This was not quite what we had expected but we were well equipped so we accommodated them, and no-one seemed interested in talking photography anyway. During a busy period I turned my back to my camera while the next girl sat down on the posing stool. Without really looking at her, I returned to my camera and looked through the viewfinder. I was amazed to see the most striking face looking back at me. My first thought was that someone had put a magazine ad in front of the lens. But when I straightened up, there she was in real life. I took many pictures of her over the next few years, including pictures she used to enter a National teenager pageant sponsored by the Huisgenoot magazine, where she was chosen as a finalist.

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