Daniel Moody Triad Trackers wheelchair basketball

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Daniel Moody wheelchair basketball Triad TrackersDaniel Moody joined the Triad Trackers wheelchair basketball team in January 2006. The Trackers practice and play home games at Miller Park Community Recreation Center, Winston-Salem, NC.

I think my reaction as a spectator was similar to most other people. Initially absolute awe at how the players compete with such intensity. Then a period of settling in as the rules, techniques and tactics of the game unfold. Then awe again when a player displays skills in dribbling or shooting almost unimaginable from someone confined to a wheelchair. And of course the heart-stopping moments when a player rolls over and the comraderie as other players, team mates and opponents alike, swoop in to help straighten things out. I find the home court very dificult to take photographs, with uneven and fairly dim lighting. But I hope I have captured some of the spirit of the game. See more pictures in the gallery.

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